The Equalizer by Madalin Dragnea

I personally love multi-sensory experiences. For a person with synesthesia , it’s fun to sniff scented stickers after scratching, see colors when producing, and feel a controller shake when playing a game. When I first learned coding, I wanted to learn how to incorporate sound when clicking a button in an app. If you’re not sure how to or you’re new to JavaScript, here’s one simple way to do it!

In my VSCode, there are three files set up: index.html, index.js (where code will be implemented), and index.css (for styling). In the index.html file, there is a script tag set…

Beginning to learn how to code can be exciting! Sometimes it can be daunting, especially if you’re completely new to code. It requires plenty of practice, experimentation, dedication, and focus.

One important part of becoming a developer is knowing how to look for information in plain English to help you out. Here is a beginner resource you can use to figure out basic ways of accessing elements in an array. Feel free to code along with the examples. Let’s start!

Let’s begin by creating an array and assigning it to a variable:

Welcome! If you’ve worked in React before, you may have heard of the term destructuring. Destructuring is an ES6 convention that allows us developers to extract values from data in an array or properties from an object. This is useful, because we can choose which properties we need and assign them in a variable. Benefits of destructuring include:

  • Syntactic sugar: It just looks aesthetically pleasing!
  • Cleaner and concise code : You don’t have to repeat “this.state” or “this.props” over and over again.

Destructuring doesn’t change the object or array you are using. It simplifies code by consolidating parts of the…

If you’re new to React, you might have run into the term JSX. JSX stands for JavaScript XML. For those who are curious, XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. JSX is a type of syntax or syntax extension that allows us to use a blend of HTML and mainly JavaScript to create elements. Once JSX passes through a conversion tool or compiler like Babel, it will turn into JavaScript so that the elements created can show up on a webpage.


Some benefits of JSX is that it helps us to:

  • Incorporate design practices into simplified code that we can render…

So you’re building a great app with cool features. You made it through some bugs you squashed and have an idea of some type of layout. Great! Now you’re ready to design. Where do you start?

Think about what your app is trying to convey. Is it an informative app? Is it a fun, high fashion app? Is it a medical app? How serious is the theme of your app? What is your personality and how will that come through in your app? How do you want users to feel when they use your app? …

So you decided to do it — embark on a journey to become a software engineer. You may have thought this career choice would change your life for the better and allow you some freedom to continue your creative practice .

Soon, you realize that this is no easy feat. The days are long and filled with fast paced tough learning, buggy apps, and tentative deadlines. You might miss writing music, taking a brush to a canvas, or working with video. It can feel a lot different from navigating on your own time, speed, and working on something you’re deeply…

Manon Sainton

Software Engineer, Artsy, Foodie, and Audiophile

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